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The Situation

The product range of BBC Bitesize revision books in schools has been losing market share in the previous two years due to increased competition and limited marketing spend. The objective was to halt this decline in sales and maintain current market share position. There was not enough resource internally to look after this product range but the marketing requirements were not big enough to warrant employing another full-time person.

The Solution

An experienced Marketing Manager was brought in on a flexible basis over a year (3-8 days in some months or none at all in others) to devise a marketing plan, set the sales budget and run the promotional campaigns. The initial research and planning was completed in consultation with the existing marketing team and then five promotional campaigns were implemented throughout the year. The Marketing Manager was able to work as part of the existing team while the campaigns were running so was able to make use of all in-house systems and resources thus making the most of overhead spend and keeping costs to a minimum.

The Outcome

The result of the work of the flexible Marketing Manager turned a 15% drop in sales from 05-06 into a 17% increase in sales from 06 -07. The existing team could focus their energy on the main marketing activities of the business, safe in the knowledge that this product range was being managed properly.