Acco. Acco

The Situation

In 2009, a restructuring of the Acco business left the Nobo brand short of marketing manpower. Acco did not have an appetite to increase permanent, fixed overheads and so when a key ‘category management’ project came up they needed to look for another solution. All categories in the stationery industry are under threat of becoming pure commodities, with very little brand loyalty. Nobo boards and easels are no different. With this in mind it was decided that an accelerated project was needed to ensure that the well loved Nobo brand gains more brand loyalty from consumers.

The Solution

A team of two strategic marketing consultants were employed on a fixed length contract. Both consultants have more than 20 years experience of marketing. One consultant has significant experience working extensively with Proctor & Gamble, and the other has stationery industry experience working with Avery Dennison for over 10 years. The brief was to work with the in-house marketing team to develop the category management strategy from both a product and consumer perspective. The extremely competent in-house team had the product sewn up, and so the Flexible Marketing Company was tasked to look at the more creative, consumer facing communication of the brand.

The Outcome

This piece of work is very current, but the output is clarity of communication of the category that was not there before. A communications strategy was devised as well as a campaign concept and messaging. The original fixed length contract was extended to devise and finalise a pan European campaign to both trade and consumers.